AMSF Biography: Dr. Allen Knight

Dr. Allen Knight

As a missionary of the United Church of Canada, Dr. Allen Knight served 19 years as an agricultural missionary in Dondi, Angola, and 14 years at Kimpese, Congo. Dr. Knight and his wife, Eleanor, both worked to educate the people of both countries.

His major contributions in Africa included the promotion of better farming practices as well as the introduction of appropriate technologies. He was a village improvement expert and worked with people to combat soil erosion, and to improve sanitation and nutrition. Of his work in Angola and Congo, Dr. Knight says, “We strived to make women’s work a little easier.”

On August 25, 1990, Dr. Knight was appointed the Order of Canada for his work in Africa. In addition to his work for AMSF, he was the head of Seeds for Africa. He continues to work for both organizations in his retirement.