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AMSF is a Registered Canadian Charity

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For over 30 years, AMSF has sponsored education for Angolan students at school and university level. Recently, the organization began placing more emphasis on supporting grass roots education for women and children. AMSF works through partner organizations in Angola.

In response to a desperate need in Namibia, AMSF initiated a program of educational training for students whose Angolan parents were refugees in Namibia. AMSF also funded training in technical schools, food production, computer science and domestic science. From 1970 to 1990, nearly 200 individual Angolans at higher levels of education were supported with bursaries from the AMSF. By 1995, an additional 100 Angolans had received training in secondary and university education with financial assistance from AMSF.

The Angola Memorial Scholarship Trust Fund was incorporated by Letters Patent on September 9, 1981, Ontario Corporation #490452. A Constitution was adopted in 1982.