In a land where 82.5% of the population live in dire poverty, devastated by 40 years of civil war, the educational and training needs of Angola are staggering. The Angola Memorial Scholarship Fund (AMSF) is making a difference in the lives of Angolans through education and training, with special emphasis on education at the grass roots level for women and children.

AMSF exists to provide leadership training and education for all Angolans. Created in 1971, the fund has assisted over 300 students in gaining training in secondary and university education. Among its successes are 42 Health Science graduates, 28 Social Science graduates, 25 Engineering graduates, 24 Theology graduates and 24 General Education graduates. AMSF recognizes the importance of supporting primary education and leadership training of women as well, especially since the nation began the process of mending itself after peace was established in 2002.