Angola Memorial Scholarship Fund

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AMSF Biography: Dr. Filipe Matuba

Dr. Filipe Matuba Dr. Filipe Matuba was born in Quibocolo and moved to neighboring Congo where he spent his formative years. Dr. Matuba was one of the earliest recipients of support from the Angola Memorial Scholarship Fund, which assisted him during his four years of study in Medicine at the University of Kinshasa, Congo.

Dr. Matuba then returned to Angola with his family and was appointed Director of both the Provincial Hospital and the Maternity Hospital in Lubango until he left to further his medical education in Portugal. Again, he returned to Angola, this time as the only Angolan specialist in his field of ear, nose and throat medicine.

Dr. Filipe Matuba with his son Dr. Matuba was a member of the faculty of the University of Luanda and was appointed part-time Director of the Lubango Health Sciences Project, initiated by Programme Angola in cooperation with the Angolan government and the local churches to train Angolan graduate doctors to serve as community physicians in the hospitals outside Luanda. In addition, he headed up a project under the Evangelical Medical Aid Society of Canada to address the problem of deafness among Angolan children and is a member of the Pan African Federation of the Otolaryngological Society with responsibility for Angola, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau, Cape Verde, and Zambia. Dr. Matuba is a composer of Christian songs and with his wife, practice farming.