AMSF Biography: Eleanor Knight

Eleanor Knight and her husband

Eleanor Knight spent 17 years in Angola as a missionary for the United Church of Canada. After the civil war in Angola broke out, she and her husband, Allen, were sent to Congo where they served for 14 years. Mrs. Knight worked as an elementary school teacher in Angola where she also gave music lessons to seminary students and to children of missionaries. Mrs. Knight also supervised a girl’s boarding school and several outstation schools.

Years before she went to Angola, Mrs. Knight was inspired by Dr. Sid Gilchrist, a missionary, to go and serve there. During her time in Angola, she fell in love with the Angolan people and quotes her young son, who at an early age, sang “My cup’s full of running over.”

The Knights are very proud of their three children, all born in Angola, who are all making a mark in the world