There are many ways donors can make gifts to AMSF. These include leaving a portion of your earthly possessions to benefit the important work of AMSF. All gifts, whether made in the present or in the future, will create a positive impact on the lives of Angolans. The need is great and will continue to be there for many years.

What Can Be Given?

  • Cash Gifts — The most common gift is a gift of cash.
  • Pledges — Pledges may be accepted for gifts to be made over a period of years. Pledges should be in writing and signed by the donor, in order to be officially recorded by the AMSF.
  • Matching Gifts — Matching gifts multiply the benefits of your gift. Many corporations will match gifts made by their employees and associates. Please check with your personnel office to determine if your employer sponsors such a program.
  • Deferred Gifts — A deferred gift is a gift in which full ownership interest in the asset is not transferred to the receiving organization at the time of the donation, but is delayed to some point in the future. Deferred gifts include bequests. By naming AMSF in a will, a donor may make the organization the beneficiary of a specific and/or residual bequest. A specific bequest names AMSF to receive a specific dollar amount or specific asset(s). A residual bequest names AMSF to receive all or part of the residue of the estate, which is comprised of the estate assets remaining after the payment of any specific bequests.
  • Named Memorial Gifts and Living Tributes — Any gift may be given in honor or in memory of an individual or family.
  • Fundraising Idea — Give yourself at least 2 months’ lead time.
    • Armed with an AMSF brochure, approach a “Group Bookings” staff member at a theatre, concert hall, sports arena, etc.
    • Ask what price they could give AMSF for a large booking. Encourage them to offer you a “slow” night, as this will benefit them as well as you. In the theatre, this is often the night after Opening, or a Preview performance. The larger the number of tickets, the lower your price will be. A minimum of 20 is recommended. To be fair, you should expect no refunds in the one-month period before the event.
    • So here’s an example of how it works: The normal ticket price is $20. They ask you to pay $15 as long as you buy 25 tickets. You re-sell to your crowd at $20 and keep the $125 profit for AMSF.

How Will Gifts Be Used?

Gifts will help to fund education and training projects which in turn will bring dignity and hope to a needy Angolan, family, or an entire village. In 2002, the Scholarship Fund raised $111,000 (Canadian) and supported 395 Angolan students (or roughly $280 per person). Your donation of $23 will support an Angolan student for one month; $280 will cover an entire year! Your donations will also help finance teacher salaries, provide school supplies and help finance the reconstruction of school buildings so that the people of Angola can have a brighter future.